Dar-ul-Shafqat Living Standard Uplifting Project – Locally Lahore took initiative of community giveback in holy month of Ramadan 2015 by organizing different Iftar dinner campaigns. Under this program team visited different orphanage and old houses, senior citizen houses and some government hospitals. During visits, we took a survey and also visited their bed rooms, dinning halls and other areas where they spend most of their day and sleep time.

Our Team found that children living in Dar-ul-Shafqat Orphanage House is of really low standard in comparison to other similar kind of places in facilities and overall maintenance. On the basis of initial assessment reports, their needs and meeting sessions with administration, Locally Lahore team decided to initiate full fledge community giveback initiative there to provide them comfortable living environment and homely feeling by revamping their bed rooms and halls.

Dar-ul-Shafqat Living Standard Uplifting Project

The project aims to create properly decorated bedrooms and halls with basic amenities of life, proper cleanliness, adequate room lighting, personal cupboards and storage spaces, study and computer desks for children living in each room. This prevents them from illness or unfortunate conditions. It can also improve their quality of life, promote strength, imagination and self-worth and likeness to spare quality time in their hostels.

How we are uplifting their Living Standard?

Team inspected the rooms and took special care of the following things to be care of.

  • New wall paint
  • To ensure to repair of any stains, holes or damage on walls/ceilings/floors
  • False cealing to lower the celling height
  • Proper down lighting system
  • Installation of new switch boards and wiring
  • New wooden cupboards and storage spaces
  • New bed sheets and quilts
  • To have proper study stables
  • Room Carpet mats
  • To repair any other damages to room







Kids excitement and experience was awesome after shifting to new rooms.

Kids were really happy and feeling comfortable with their new rooms and finding new association with their living place now. Now the conditions of their room is extremely clean and they felt happy to see us come to their center and supervising, financing and executing rooms uplifting work to other rooms now.

It’s a great honor for ur team to be part of this initiative and playing our best part in community giveback, where there is real need of improvement with cause and goal as they are future of Pakistan. And this little effort can help them in their up bringing to have some sweet memories. Now children are feeling good, They can sleep well and their health is good. They can feel proper discipline in things of their room. They felt great pleasure to spend some time and to share some smiles.