Child education

SUAVE Solution has been organizing various exciting programs in Lahore for a couple of years. These programs are not limited to social gatherings and cultural events, and also include events related to our religion. In the last blessing month of Rabi-ul-Awal, SUAVE Solutions organized a gathering of Mehfil-e-Milad (S.A.W.W) in orphanages of Lahore known as Dar-ul-Shafqat, on November 2019. This program consisted of three parts: Tilawat & Hamd, Naat and recitation of the Quran and finally the refreshment ceremony. In the event, children had recited The Holy Quran at the beginning and then sung Hamd o Naat. In the end,  food with gajrella and green tea were served to the participants. Suave Solutions has planned to conduct more of such Mehfils in the future with such ignored, but extremely important, part of our society. This will give such children some motivation because such events help them to realize that they are an integral part of our society. So, you are humbly requested to participate in the upcoming Mehfil-e-Milaad (S.A.W.W) organized by SUAVE Solutions at Dar-ul-Shafqat and show your kindness towards this important part of the society.
  • Event ScheduleNov 27, 2020 at 6:00 PM to Nov 27, 2020 at 11:30 PM
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