Inauguration of CE4kids Computer Lab 2 at SOS homes Johar Town

After the successful opening of CE4kids Computer Lab at DarulShafqat Lahore, CE4kids has taken one step ahead to teach the most ignorant kids of our society. CE4kids has inaugurated a second smart computer lab for kids at SOS Homes Johar Town Lahore.

CE4kids is determined to uplift the kids of SOS home technologically upwards and make them learn the skills so they can meet the needs of the modern technological era. Without technology, no nation can succeed in any field of life.

Keeping in view the aspects of the modern era and the need of kids at SOS Homes Johar Town, CE4kids has inaugurated a smart computer lab over here. The special guest of this inauguration ceremony was the Education Minister of Punjab, Mr Murad Raas. 

Kids and teachers welcomed Mr Murad Raas with a bouquet of flowers. After that, the inauguration ceremony started. First of all, some verses from the Holy Quran were recited by a student and later a student read Naat for the highness Prophet PBUH. 

In the inaugural ceremony of the 2nd computer lab, all the staff and teachers of SOS Homes were present. Later, the Education Minister came on stage and shared some noble words with the kids and teachers of the SOS Homes.

Murad Raas also cut the red ribbon before entering the smart computer lab for kids. He also used the computer over there. The Education Minister, Mr Murad Raas then distributed gifts among the kids of SOS Homes. At this precious moment, the directors of Suave Solutions and CE4kids were also present.

A group photo was captured of teachers of SOS Homes and the team of Suave Solutions with the Education Minister. At last, a refreshment was given that included patties, pastries, tea and cold drinks.