Certificate Distribution Ceremony SOS Kids Home Johor Town

Every kid needs the motivation to think of a big aim and achieve it systematically as he grows. And we never want to leave them behind when it comes to building a desire to achieve more.

CE4Kids has organized a certification distribution ceremony on 15th July 2021. The event was held at SOS Kids Home, Johar Town. It was such a breathtaking moment for all participants to see the facial expression of the most neglected kids in our society while they were receiving their certificates. We could see the excitement and the courage of such young kids. And, we will keep the ceremony alive in the future to help more kids, so they bring about some breakthroughs in information technology.

At the beginning of the ceremony, the chief guest cut the cakes while involving each kid individually. The chief guest, Dr. Munir Akhtar, was so kind that it was such a mesmerizing moment when every kid was waiting for his turn to cut the cake with Dr. Munir. Every kid was in a state of pride as if he was invited as the chief guest.

The objective of this ceremony was to appreciate many orphans who had completed the foundation course in information technology. The intention behind this ceremony was also that these kids consider themselves big achievers. They are active participants and have the potential to contribute to our society as a whole. These kids should know their importance in societal change, and thereby, they keep achieving their new aims to succeed in their careers.

A group photo was captured of teachers of SOS Homes and the team of Suave Solutions with the motivational speaker. At last, a refreshment was given that included patties, pastries, tea and cold drinks.