Eid Celebration 2020 at SOS Homes

In Pakistan, it is commonly said that “Eid to bachon ki hoti ha”, means that Eid is for children only. So, the CE4kids team celebrated their Eid ul Fitr with the kids of SOS Homes at Johar Town and Ferozepur Road. 

The kids at these SOS Homes live here without their loved ones. They don’t enjoy their Eid like the other kids staying with their parents. The kids at these orphan houses need your attention.

CE4kids is an institution that always comes forward to lessen the worries and sadness of the boys and girls staying at SOS homes. We try our best to share some happy moments among these flowers that God has bestowed upon us.

On the auspicious occasion of Eid ul Fitr 2020, the team of CE4kids reached the SOS Village of Johar Town and Ferozepur Road to celebrate Eid. The sole purpose of celebrating Eid with the kids is to make them feel alive and happy that they also have a family who cares for them.

The CE4kids team along with the Executive and Board Members reached the SOS Village, Johar Town and Ferozepur Road after offering the Eid Prayer. The members greeted the children Eid Mubarak and prayed for their success and happiness in life. 

The boys and girls were wearing the traditional shalwar kameez of different colours and were looking beautiful. The CE4kids team distributed gifts that included toys and games to the SOS village Johar Town children. 

Kids of both SOS Homes also received Eidi from Dr Munir Akhtar, who is the Executive Member of CE4kids. Meanwhile, a healthy refreshment was also given to the kids and teachers of SOS Homes. Later, a group photo with the kids was captured with the CE4kids team.