Eid-ul-Fitr 2021 with SOS Village kids

6 Eid ul Fitr with SOS Village kids

The auspicious month of Ramazan is over, and Muslims worldwide celebrate Eid ul Fitr according to Islamic teachings. Muslims wear new clothes, give and get Eidi, go to their loved ones and eat delicious foods.

But some people don’t have loved ones to meet. They don’t have new clothes and they don’t get Eidi or Eid gifts. These are the young orphan kids that live without families in the orphan houses in Pakistan. 

CE4kids always come forward to share some joyful moments among these kids and young boys and girls to bring happiness to these kids.

On this auspicious and happiest occasion of Eid ul Fitr, CE4kids reached the SOS Village, Johar Town and SOS Village Ferozepur Road. The purpose was to bring smiles to the sad faces and reduce the inferiority complex that kills the innocence of these children.

SOS Village Johar Town

SOS Village Johar Town is located in Block A, Johar Town, Lahore. The CE4kids reached the SOS village after offering Eid Prayer. Children of SOS village were busy playing the Bounce House game. Most of the children were in white kurta shalwar and were looking adorable.

To distribute gifts among the children, CE4kids gathered the children in the lab. At first, girls got their gifts and after that boys got a chance to grab their presents. The special gift on the occasion was a bicycle.

Montessori kids are the ones who need bigger attention. CE4kids distributed skateboards with handle for the Montessori kids. Other than this, goody bags were distributed that were full of snacks, biscuits and lovely glasses.

The special Eid gifts were the toys that kids love the most. Toys were given to the kids of SOS village Johar Town. At last, pictures were captured of the kids at SOS village johar town.

SOS Village Ferozepur Road

Similarly, the CE4kids went to the SOS village that is located on the Main Ferozepur Road near the Children’s Hospital Lahore. There was a mass crowd at the SOS village Ferozepur Road.

The kids over there were wearing beautiful colourful clothes and were looking adorable and happy. CE4kids team met the children and greeted them with Eid Mubarak. After that, the team started to give gifts to the kids and young boys & girls.

CE4kids team brought separate gifts for all age groups. Kids were given toys and goody bags while the boys and girls got their separate gifts. 

After the distribution of the gifts, the CE4kids team hired a Walls Ice Cream vendor and distributed the delicious Ice-cream among the kids and boys & girls. Lastly, a group photo was taken with the kids of SOS village and once again greeted them with a very happy Eid ul Fitr Mubarak.